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Success Stories

I have been adjusted by Dr. Kler  over 3 years ago and each time I leave I feel like a new and improved woman! Please ask about the gentle laser machine that has helped my TMJ symptoms and is great for reducing pain and inflammation or speeding up the bodies own natural healing process.

– Bonnie K.


Dr. Shav has worked magic on my neck and back issues!  She is very personable and has a great memory.  The office staff is awesome!  If you need to set up a last minute appointment or a copy of a bill, they are on top of it!  I have recommended several people to SK Chiropractic and will continue to do so!  Top notch service with a smile!

– Mike L.


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I’ve been so blessed to have been introduced to Dr. Kler by my boss! Since being referred to her, I choose her as my #1 for any kind of adjustments! I am also currently pregnant and he has worked wonders on loosening up areas, joints, and eased muscles that have helped out tremendously! I look forward to my weekly visits with her now. I would recommend Dr. Kler to anyone looking for an amazing chiropractor!!!

– Trisha G.


In searching for a diversified chiropractor, I found SK Chiropractic and Dr. Kler.  As a result of her knowledge and skills, pain and stiffness from a neck injury 34 years ago have all but disappeared.  Whether I need treatment for an immediate problem or an adjustment to maintain alignment, she practically works magic.  AND I can tease her to my heart’s content.  Great staff.  Prompt response.  Definitely why my husband, daughters, son, and several friends have been steered there by me.  I can’t say enough good things about SK Chiropractic.

– Jacque T.


This was my first visit to SK Chiropractic and it sure was a good one.  Dr. Shav checked me over from my neck to toes, she is a very easy guy to talk to. I’m feeling great right now thanks to Dr. Shav I will be going there again.

-Tim M.


I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in April 2010, and did not have surgery to cure it until December of that year. The work Dr. Shav did for me during that period of time is what made it possible for my legs and back to work and allow me to get around.  Since the surgery, she has been working with me to break down scar tissues and to strip away some of the residual damage to my left leg. The doctors of this clinic are very knowledgeable and quite good at what they do in providing relief to the patient. I would highly recommend their assistance if a chiropractor is what you require.

– Bettie W


Dr. Kler has thoroughly amazed me with her knowledge, expertise, skills and equipment to cure and/or improve every single ailment or pain I have mentioned to him!  From migraine headaches to muscle spasms, sleep problems to joint pain, foot ailments to years of neck and back pain -problems that all medical doctors have given up on.  I don’t plan to ever see another medical doctor…what for?  I highly recommend you give her a try, I promise, you WON’T BE SORRY!

– Vicki C.


Prior to coming to Dr. Kler, my wife and I had been having serious consistent lower back pain for years that kept us from walking and sleeping comfortably.  A friend of ours urged us to see a chiropractor before surgery became necessary.  After just a few adjustments we felt the immediate benefits of spinal manipulation.  We no longer have pain walking and wake feeling rejuvenated after a night’s sleep.  Don’t let back problems rob you of the simple pleasures of life.  Come see Dr. Kler.

– Luis R.

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